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1. Origin of the Project

The functioning of every enterprise depends mainly on having well-educated staff and caring for their constant development. Therefore, maintaining a high level of qualifications and skills of employees, as the critical element pursuing objectives of an organisational unit, is one of major assumptions taken by the Customs Chamber in Biała Podlaska. Taking into account the fact that the carrying out of undertakings in that area is regarded as a priority also by donor states of the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, an idea was generated to work out a project promoting development of officers and employees of the Customs Chamber through their participation in various forms of education (postgraduate programmes, courses, specialised training) focused on precisely defined subject areas.

2. Objective of the Project

The carrying out of the project thanks to financial assistance of the above-mentioned Financial Mechanisms is aimed at making it easier for the local Customs Chamber to achieve superior goals which include:
a) improving the quality of performed tasks connected with the scope of activities of the Customs Chamber in Biała Podlaska as a public administration body, through investing in the development of human resources’ potential;
b) enhancing prestige of the Customs Service at the external border of the European Union as a means of developing social trust reserves.

3. Object of the Project

The object of the project includes carrying out a series of trainings, courses and postgraduate programmes meant for a wide group of officers and employees holding various ranks in the Customs Chamber. Subject matters of the staff education and development focus on defined areas on which particular stress has to be placed in the process of improving qualifications, i.e.:

    1. modern management orientated at applying effective managerial techniques, diagnosing predispositions of human resources as well as crisis management when faced with already existing situations posing a threat to smooth border traffic;
    2. coaching and mentoring in the context of achieving measurable long-term results (proper moulding of newly employed officers and creating a professional pool of in-house coaches);
    3. legal, economic and financial issues in their broad meaning in connection with its being necessary to adjust to changes taking place in those areas on a current basis;
    4. training aimed at improving the image of the customs service, including language courses so that public administration having direct contact with the client could be regarded as a friendly and reliable service;
    5. specialised information technology training ensuring the efficient functioning of the Customs Chamber based on state-of-the-art IT achievements;
    6. specialised training related to modern methods of laboratory research;
    7. specialised training improving qualifications of officers prepared for fighting against crime in the context of protecting the EU and Schengen Area border.

4. Implementation of the Project

As already mentioned above, the project is based on applying various forms of staff education and involves a large group of recipients. Due to the fact that the seat of the Customs Chamber is located far from the nearest academic centres, that is Lublin and Warsaw (120 – 180 km), year-long postgraduate programmes constitute the smallest part of the project’s object and are meant mainly for managerial and expert staff. Thus, the most weight is given to specialised training and courses which are directed at employees of all ranks and may be organised both on the premises as closed events for set up study groups and by cyclically delegating selected persons to training centres according to a drawn up time schedule. Basing on the experience to date of training the staff of the Customs Chamber, it can be stated that the Polish market has at its disposal a vast range of firms providing training services in all areas we are interested in.
The predicted cost of carrying out selected forms of education amounts to € 426,880.

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