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Our project at Copernicus

The Conference on the project fulfillment PL0279 ‘Systems of professional quality improvement among customs officers of Customs Chamber in Toruń in relation with the reform of customs and fiscal institutions’ took place on 16th October this year in Toruń. The project is implemented by Customs Chamber in Toruń and it is co-financed by EOG Financial Mechanism. 

Thanks to the invitation by Mr Wojciech Baranowski, Director of C.C. in Toruń the representatives of our Customs Chamber, who are directly involved in the project PL 0431 ‘A well-trained customs officer – the new quality of Polish public administration’, i.e. Mrs Aneta Mirończuk, Project Director and Mrs Agnieszka Czyżykowska, Project Accountant,  could participate in this Conference.

The managing staff of C.C in Toruń, as well as  Dean for Education Matters  of M. Copernicus University in Toruń, and representatives of local administration were among many participants of the Conference whose aim was to show the genesis, objectives and achieved results in the scope of the PL0297 project. The role of our representatives was to present our findings and essential information related to the project fulfillment in our Customs Chamber in Biała Podlaska, as well as to share our experience related to project implementation. 

Mrs Aneta Mirończuk, in her presentation, accounted for  the subject matter of the PL0431 project. She covered such areas as: subject fields of the project, her opinions on promotion for the donors and the essence of the project. What made her presentation very attractive among the audience was the show of the TV material transmitted by local Lublin television network Panorama Lubelska: ‘A well-trained customs officer – the new quality of Polish public administration’. The programme underlined the fact that the investment in human resource would result in the increase of the educational and qualificational level among customs officers, which would undoubtedly bring highly positive effects in the future. 

It should be also emphasized that we applied the experience of our Toruń colleagues at the first stages of our project implementation. Thanks to their precious instructions we managed to avoid a few obstacles and unnecessary actions, and consequently, we could have concentrated on the most significant issues. 

The participation in the conference gave us a good opportunity to confront and compare both projects which are financed from the same source and are related by a subject matter i.e. the improvement of staff qualification by completing post-graduate studies, various courses and specialized trainings. It gave us also a chance to promote our project outside our province.

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